Health Journal 6-12-21

6-12-21Down another 3/10ths of a pound which is somewhat surprising since yesterday I ate some not so great foods health-wise. But I stayed within my calorie budget and exercised an hour and 15 minutes- both aerobic and resistant . I know the number on the scale is not the only way to measure success, but…More

Health Journal 6-10/11-21

6-10-21Somehow I the last 24 hours I’ve lost 3 pounds. I ate about 1900 calories yesterday. I must have gotten rid of a lot of water weight. Hmm. That’s about 5 pounds a week so far which is acceptable for my height and weight, but I’m still nervous I’m losing too fast. I’ll enjoy it…More

Health Journal 6-8/9-21

6-8-21I barely got to 2000 calories yesterday. Again. Am I eating enough? I feel satisfied. It just seems like that’s not enough calories for me. Maybe I’ll just roll with it for now and it’s just my body adjusting in a positive way. 6-9-21Again only got 1650 calories in yesterday. Weird. Didn’t feel hungry. I…More

How Did I End Up with Type 2 Diabetes?

Last year, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Is it my fault? In my last post, I wrote about my experience with sleep apnea. Because I procrastinated for years, my sleep apnea made me so tired, I stopped exercising and gained weight. Thankfully, the sleep apneas has been treated and is under control. But…More

Sleep Apnea: Killing Me Softly?

People have been telling me since I’ve been in my 20s that I snore. After I got my first job at a publishing company, I remember getting tired, very tired, in the afternoons. The company had a medical room with two bed covered in that paper found in the examination rooms of doctor’s offices. Sometimes…More

Health Journal Entry 6-7-2021

Started a blog on my weight loss journey. I find it therapeutic. And speaking of the mentality of weight loss, here’s a good video which focuses on the mindset: I’ve started using a digital scale. It’s easier to read. As if yesterday, I’ve lost a little over 5 pounds. On Saturday, I only ate…More

My Health Journal

One thing I saw on a YouTube video about weight loss was to journal my feeling about my weight loss journey. Using EverNote, I created a page for (almost) daily thoughts about my weight loss journey. I plan to post most of them to this blog. I may not post every one of them, but…More

The First Week

So, okay, I’ve gotten serious about losing 100 pounds. It wasn’t any great epiphany. A couple weeks ago, I visited the doctor. While I hadn’t gained back the weight from when I was my heaviest (around 320), I’ve been stuck at 300 throughout 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic. My doctor didn’t say anything about my weight,…More